One platform for energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and carbon credits.

About the Platform

Green Metrics measures real-time energy use and generates environmental performance insight. We track building energy use at all scales, from individual homes to residential towers, commercial or industrial complexes, neighbourhoods, and whole cities.

Green Metrics is for everyone: Municipal governments, electric and natural gas utilities, homeowners, commercial property owners, and industries. We are proud to be working with the following private- and public-sector partners:

Green Metrics City for municipalities

Green Metrics City is the digital backbone of the urban energy system. Based in the cloud, it tracks the location, time, and type of energy used in buildings. By combining data from utilities, citizens, and in-house predictive modeling, it provides unparalleled insight into the current and future energy needs of buildings at all scales, from individual structures to neighbourhoods to cities. By harnessing big data, Green Metrics enables urban decision makers to address energy use, respond to emergencies and heat waves, inform resilience strategies, and report GHG emissions.


We ensure that municipal-wide data adheres to applicable laws and privacy agreements from third-party data providers like utility companies and property owners.


View and measure energy use and associated GHG emissions at all geographic scales. Leverage big-data insights through a simple and elegant interface.


Overlay energy use and socio-economic data to identify zones of high policy impact potential.


Track the impact of energy and climate policies over time, harnessing the city as a living lab.


Engage citizens and gather itemized energy-use data via GMC’s smartphone app (in development).


Automatically track Scope 3 emissions for buildings under the Global Climate Protocol (GPC).

We enable smart cities.

Green Metrics City is the only existing software-as-a-service (SAAS) platform which fuses detailed municipal maps and socio-economic data with real-time, community-wide utility usage and emissions data.

The web-based application does not require software installation and is designed to be cost-effective and simple to deploy and maintain. We eliminate large consulting fees often required to develop annual reporting that a municipal submits to the Federal government.

Green Metrics City is also ideal for keeping track of community-wide efficiency or energy-generation initiatives such as Solar City through our user-friendly interface.

Beneath the hood.

Green Metrics City draws on diverse sources of data to build a digital model of the city featuring real-time energy use and related GHG production.

Our Tier-3, password-protected database in Canada stores the information for retrieval.

Using our proprietary simulation models, Green Metrics City measures current and future energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Green Metrics for Building Owners

Homeowners, commercial/industrial property owners, and tenants benefit from measuring their building or unit’s energy use. Green Metrics is an all-in-one solution that displays energy use, energy generation, net GHG emissions and intelligent recommendations on energy management through an efficiency tracker.


Monitor your home energy use and emissions through our web platform and dedicated smartphone app (in development). Green Metrics connects to your utility usage data, smart thermostat, building management system (BMS) and energy generation devices in a simple and easy-to-use platform.


Compare your building's performance against a neighbourhood average or a similar building in your city.


Energy use monitoring feeds into a proprietary algorithm that provides intelligent suggestions on cost-effective building improvements and energy system upgrades through The Green Metrics Efficiency Track.

Realize your building's potential.

Green Metrics gives building owners insight into their building performance with a modern and easy to use interface. We collaborate all your available data sources and use them to optimize your home or building.

Based on everything we know about your property, we will place you on the Green Metrics Efficiency Track. To move along the track, we will offer suggestions and savings estimations that are tailored specifically to your property.

Our predictive algorithms are constantly working to ensure your property is performing at its peak, and presenting you with the best savings opportunities possible along the way.

We are growing!

Green Metrics is continually adding support for automatic retrieval of utility data from providers across Canada. We are also currently expanding our capability to connect with thermostats, solar, combined heat and power (CHP), and building automation systems.

We are looking to work with commercial and industrial building owners across the continent to connect their buildings, improve efficiency, and save money.

Later in 2018, we will be launching a carbon credit market which will allow building owners to sell carbon credits which will be easily tracked and verified utilizing our platform.

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Green Metrics for Utility Companies

We work with utility companies and energy service providers to improve business intelligence and facilitate a healthy energy ecosystem.

Carbon Market – Coming in Q3 2018

There are opportunities for building owners, renewable energy proponents, and energy-intensive businesses to access new forms of capital through environmental markets. We are hard at work developing a simplified, automated carbon credit marketplace to have your project assessed and put money in your pocket. By registering with the Green Metrics carbon market, we will provide you with:

Green Metrics Account

GHG Pre-Assessment

Building Enrollment

Data Integration

Data Management Services

Carbon Credit Registration

Regulatory Reporting

Automated 3rd Party Verification

Custom Reports

Project Management Services

Stay tuned for more information and early registration.

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We are currently onboarding municipalities and buildings of all sizes into our platform. Please contact us for more information. We are now automating our registration process for building owners and we expect public registration to be open in early 2018.