About Us

Core Team

Dr. Mike Kennedy

Founder & CEO

Dr. Mike Kennedy is a seasoned entrepreneur and research professional. As a management sustainability professional with over 10 years of experience leading complex projects and managing cross-functional teams to design and deliver new solutions to environmental problems. Mike is committed to quality and service excellence with an aptitude for designing and launching new technological implementations, developing highly functioning teams, providing strategic and tactical thinking, and generating operational efficiencies in public and private sector organizations.

Mike holds a Senior Fellow/Post Doctoral Fellow position at the University of British Columbia. He holds a BSc. and MSc. in Forestry from the University of New Brunswick and a Ph.D. in Business (Management Information Systems) from the Washington State University.

Thomas Barr

Operations Director

Passionate about change, Thomas has endeavoured his career on making a positive impact on reducing the amount of energy buildings and communities require for a resilient future. Thomas discovered a strong personal interest in improving the overall functionality and efficiency of mechanical and electrical systems for buildings and communities. Through his endeavours he has gained experience in energy modelling, GeoExchange, solar thermal, photovoltaic, and waste heat recovery systems and learned to construct them successfully. He has come to manage full mechanical and electrical systems from concept to construction and through to project completion successfully and under many contract formats.

Thomas' goals are to change the way that we think of energy and re-define how we use it. By integrating circular process' and stacked functions we can significantly reduce the amount of energy we need to exist, creating a more resilient and balanced way of living now and for future generations to come.

Lee Martineau

Sales Director

Lee has proven sales capabilities, taking a startup from zero revenue to a multi-million dollar business. As the Sales Director of a building envelope construction firm Lee successfully spearheaded the establishment and growth of the first-ever commercial division within the company through intensive business development and customer relationship management.

Lee's experience in building envelope construction gives him insight into the inefficiencies that are present in buildings today, and in providing the highest value retrofits to improve building performance. Lee is excited to join the Green Metrics team and to continue improving building performance one client at a time.

Kevin Horrocks

Lead of Software

Kevin provides strategic leadership to guide the efforts of product development. He holds over 10 years of experience in the design and deployment of web-based technical systems and solutions. He has advised in various environments such as Public Health organizations, publicly traded companies, academic institutions, and enterprise clients.

Ryan Barkwell

Marketing Director

Ryan's mission at Green Metrics is to leverage digital opportunities to improve the overall customer experience while maximizing revenue. With an approach that combines marketing and management experience with technical know-how and strategic vision, Ryan is committed to continually improving marketing, customer experience, communications and sales across the organization.

Lauren Yee

Data Scientist

Lauren is a multi-faceted team member from data visualization, dashboard development, modelling and spatial analysis. Lauren aims to work on solutions and tools to improve and maintain sustainability of the environment, wildlife and human health and promote accessible science through data visualization.

Natasha Mattson

Data Scientist

Natasha is working with building data to make energy-saving insights and forecasts. She is focused on machine learning models, data collection and data processing. Natasha has an undergraduate degree in Economics & Math (UBC ’17) and master’s degree in Economics (UBC ’18). Natasha lives in Vancouver, BC.

Advisory Team

Amy Taylor

Green Analytics


Amy Taylor is an environmental economist with extensive project and management experience. Amy is Chief Operations Officer at Green Analytics. She has extensive experience on a range of topics including cost-benefit analysis, socio-economic assessments, policy assessments, ecological goods and services valuation, fiscal reform, environmental resource accounting, green jobs, market assessments and sustainability indicators. Amy has led numerous projects and has significant project and staff management experience. She has worked with an array of audiences including government bodies provincially and federally, industry, and non-government organizations.

Murray Cunningham

Scott Builders


Murray is a board member and advises on business strategy and connections to the commercial and industrial buildings industries.


Green Metrics Technology Corp. is scaling up and actively seeking investors and collaborators to contribute capital and services for equity. This opportunity is an mid-to longer-term investment horizon, with particular emphasis on the information technology and renewable energy sectors.

If you would like to talk to our investment team, please email us at: info@greenmetrics.ca